Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for no-churn cherry and marzipan ice-cream

The food writer Alice Hart is a genius. She put together marzipan and coconut milk, froze it and an excellent vegan ice-cream – one good enough to rival any dairy and egg version – was born. In this recipe, I’ve used her idea as a springboard, replacing the denser coconut milk with a frothy, whippable, plant-based cream to ensure an airy texture and soft set that removes the need to churn with a machine. I’ve also used frozen cherries, which I prefer to fresh due to their intense flavour, and finished with a little sprinkle of dark chocolate just for joy.

No-churn cherry and marzipan ice-cream
I tested a lot of plant creams, including coconut milk, against each other and found that, due to its whippability, Elmlea double plant cream works best here. You could use another plant cream or coconut milk, but it may result in a denser or icier ice-cream. Remember, not all marzipan is vegan, so be sure to check the packaging.

Prep 5 min
Cook 15 min
Freeze 4 hr+
Makes About 1½ litres

275g frozen dark cherries
250g white marzipan (suitable for vegans), roughly chopped
540ml double plant cream – I used Elmlea
50g icing sugar
⅛ tsp fine sea salt (or 1 big pinch)
A little grated 75% dark chocolate (suitable for vegans), to serve

Blitz the frozen cherries and marzipan in a blender with 140ml of the cream, until the marzipan has broken down and integrated with the fruit and cream to form a smooth mixture. Taste it for lumps and, if any tiny ones remain, blend again.

In a large bowl, whip the remaining cream, icing sugar and salt to soft peaks, then gently fold in the cherry marzipan mixture until well combined. Pour into a shallow baking dish and freeze uncovered for at least four hours, or overnight.